To-Do Lists and Getting On With It!

January has been so gloomy and wet, hasn’t affected my leeks though!



I’ve finally got around to making some larger sock toys, using fabulously cuddly bamboo socks! I was a bit worried I wouldn’t like my own larger version of the little cheeky chaps that I usually make – but no! I love them!

Sock monkey family - awww!

Sock monkey family – awww!

The to do list that I made last year is still ongoing it seems!
I did manage to tick off most of what was on it……. I’m trying to give myself a kick up the posterior and get an on-line shop sorted. Folksy? or Etsy? or both? I must admit it’s the initial sorting out bit that’s putting me off – making sure my T&Cs are correct, working out the postage, measuring my toys and writing decent descriptions for them – perhaps writing this will spur me on to actually do it!

It’s not like I’ve been resting on my laurels though, I’ve been super busy re-testing my current range of toys to Toy Safety Regulations, putting the poor test subjects through the rigours of EN71 parts 1 and 2, writing up new technical files, and so on.
(here are some links for anyone who needs help with CE marking:  Department of Innovation, Business & Skills, One of the CE marking support groups on Facebook for soft toys, CE Marking Sock Toys support group on Facebook, CE self certification support page on Facebook)

My new big sock monkeys I’ve mentioned already, I’ve also been sourcing fabrics for a rag doll I’m so looking forward to making.  My Mum made me these when I was little (the hair on Katy has been re-done by her as I scalped her – I know!  What a terrible child I was!)

Belinda and Katy are pretty old and worn now!

Belinda and Katy are pretty old and worn now!

Poor Katy!

Poor Katy!

They are made from a pattern from ‘Golden Hands’ magazine – very popular in the 70’s!  I managed to track down the copyright holders and they have given me permission to make a limited number of these to sell!  I’m so chuffed (and slightly nervous!)

That’s all the news for now, I will try to write more often now – it is on my to-do list after all!


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